About Rise Treatment Centre

Rise Treatment Centre is a residential eating disorder treatment centre which was set up by Derk Versteegh in 2019, as an answer to the lack of specialist high-quality eating disorder clinics in Europe. After seeing a loved one struggle with an eating disorder and not being able to find appropriate help, Derk became determined to set up his own high-quality, dedicated Residential Clinic.

The clinic is one of a kind in Europe because of its unique serene environment and pioneering, evidence-based holistic treatment method. Adjacent to the Mediterranean sea, the Guadalest mountains and the picturesque village of Altea, you will not only find yourself at peace but also breathing the cleanest air in Europe. The programme - which incorporates both in-depth therapy and relaxation activities such as mindfulness, yoga and nature walks - strengthens the mind and heals the body and soul from within. It is because of this unique two-fold approach that we believe we can confidently guide you towards a sustainable and lasting recovery. 

Our grounds feature a quaint villa and 20-bed separate groundfloor apartments. These are surrounded by a large garden, terrace and saltwater pool, providing relaxing opportunities for fruit and vegetable picking, sunbathing or swimming. The highly specialised international team has been hand-picked from all over the continent to provide you with the best multinational care and knowledge. At Rise, we believe an eating disorder is the expression of an underlying issue and we will help you get to the root cause so you can claim your life back and Rise above your disorder. 

As a young institution we aspire to become Europe's leading treatment centre for eating disorders.

Our Mission & Vision


Rise Treatment Centre offers a truly individualised, evidence-based treatment with a compassionate approach. We help you and your family through our many years of experience and knowledge in treating even the most complex of eating disorders. We understand that your recovery journey can be difficult and scary in the beginning. Therefore, we continuously remind you of your worthiness, as we empower you to let go of the eating disorder identity, and connect you with your authentic self. Your individual recovery is our top priority.


Our mission is to help you through providing a unique holistic evidence-based programme, which shifts the focus from ‘symptom management’ to your overall health and wellbeing. We believe it is only through adopting this approach, with physical and emotional healing going hand in hand, that real and significant progress towards a sustainable recovery can and will be made. Furthermore, we aim to intervene in the course of the disease much earlier on in the process, saving you future healthcare costs and preventing further damage.