The multidisciplinairy team of Rise Treatment Centre

Our team of highly specialised members is committed to supporting you every step of the way. All of our team members have personal and / or professional experience with eating disorders.

Location Alicante, Spain

Sarah Boss

Sarah Boss AT

Psychiatrist - Psychotherapist

Saskia Geraerts van Houten

Saskia Geraerts van Houten NL

Clinical Director

Jessica  Combi

Jessica Combi IT

Psychologist - Psychotherapist

Lauren Marsh

Lauren Marsh ZA

Nutrionist & Wellness Coach

Conny  Andreas

Conny Andreas NL

Social Pedagogic Worker

Monica Sanchez Perez

Monica Sanchez Perez ES

Psychotherapist & DR

Charlotte de Clercq

Charlotte de Clercq BE

Wellness Coach

Derk Versteegh

Derk Versteegh NL


Donata Koekkoek

Donata Koekkoek NL

Marketing & PR

Jacqueline  Gusman

Jacqueline Gusman NL

Psychiatric Nurse

Niels Berkenpas

Niels Berkenpas NL

Psychiatric Nurse

Janine  Holtslag

Janine Holtslag NL

Nurse & Massage Therapist

Carlo Sohl

Carlo Sohl NL

Public Affairs

Napoleon Akkermans

Napoleon Akkermans NL


Kathryn Tyne

Kathryn Tyne EN

Psychiatric Nurse

Liz  Dijkstra

Liz Dijkstra NL


Location ‘S-Herthogenbosch, The Netherlands

Claudia Weber

Claudia Weber DE


Andrea Lucas

Andrea Lucas EN