Our Vision & Mission


Rise Treatment Centre offers leading evidence-based treatment whilst incorporating a compassionate approach.

We provide clients and their families with many years of professional knowledge and a wealth of collective experience in truly understanding and treating eating disorders.  We know that the recovery journey can be difficult and scary in the beginning, which is why we continuously reinforce a sense of worthiness in our clients, empower them to begin to let go of the eating disorder identity, and reconnect them with their authentic selves. We are dedicated to helping them experience and co-create the vision and success of sustainable recovery.


Rise Treatment Centre is committed to achieving its mission by providing a unique evidence-based programme, which shifts focus from traditional ‘symptom management’ to the overall health and well-being of clients within a holistic framework.  We firmly believe it is only through adopting this approach, where physical and emotional healing go hand in hand, that real and significant progress towards a lasting and sustainable recovery will be made. Furthermore, by focusing on identifying and intervening much earlier in the disease’s progress, not only will future healthcare costs be significantly reduced, but the client’s likelihood of a sustainable recovery considerably strengthened.


We continuously conduct internal and external audits to test and measure our internal processes and use the outcomes to implement improvements. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality management certificate, to monitor and improve our quality, safety, sustainability and information security processes.