Clinical and Outpatient rates

Most mental healthcare, addiction and eating disorder clinic's do not disclose their rates upfront. Rise Treatment Centre does, as we want to be fully transparent.

We offer both privately and insured funded care, in case the insurance does not cover our treatment directly we still provide the necessary documentation for possible reimbursement on the clients behalf.

Rise Treatment Centre is committed to delivering the most cost-effective treatment possible in order to ensure long-term sustainable recovery for as many people as possible.

Transfer to and from Alicante-Elche or Valencia airport is free of charge and safely provided by Rise Treatment Centre.

Further travel costs to and from Rise Treatment Centre, like ticket costs are not included in the residential clinical care fee. If your family require assistance with travel and hotel arrangements for their visit regarding our essential family programme we are happy to help.

Residential Clinical Care is charged per 28 days. We invoice on a monthly basis and kindly ask clients to cover the costs prior to each 28-day cycle.

Individual Outpatient Care is provided via Skype or by one of our local partners near you.

Residential Clinical Care - €3250 per week

Individual Outpatient Care via Skype-  €150 per hour

Individual Outpatient Care via a local partner - determined seperately