Our programme

Residential Clinical Programme

The unique Rise Treatment Centre evidence based treatment programme covers the overall health and well being of clients. We empower clients to re-connect with their authentic self. Healing the psychological, physical and social aspects of the eating disorder. 

Flexible duration: 4 to 12+ weeks
Cutt of BMI: 16

Clinical programme


Aftercare is an important aspect in which we guide clients to expand their foundation of recovery and apply the acquired knowledge in practice. We provide both group and individual aftercare on different location's and online.

Aftercare on location: Alicante, Amsterdam and London
Aftercare online: Throughout the world

After care

‘We offer a safe and warm environment where individuals can let down their guard and open themselves up to the tools and support they need’

Family Support

An Eating Disorder damages everyone around you. That’s why the Family Programme is an integral part of our Residential Care. Improving understanding, relationships and providing family and loved ones with the tools they need to find their role in your recovery.

Even though there can be a geographical distance, the Family Programme can start from the beginning of treatment through our online platform. We offer individual counselling, family sessions and interactive Psycho-Education. The relapse prevention plan includes the support of loved ones to not let it solely rest on clients shoulders.