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Treatment Programme

Our pioneering, evidence-based and holistic treatment programme focuses on your overall health and wellbeing. We empower you to re-connect with your authentic self, healing the psychological, physical and social aspects of the eating disorder. Our treatment shifts the focus from 'symptom management' to addressing the underlying causes of the problem. We do not enforce control during your stay and treatment, we believe in empowering your autonomy for lasting recovery

Clinical programme


Aftercare is an important aspect of our programme, in which we support you in building on your foundation for recovery. We guide you in implementing what you've learned during treatment in your daily life. We provide both group and individual aftercare on different locations, as well as online, to flexibly accommodate your needs.

After care

Family Support

The impact of an eating disorder extends far beyond the individual. It affects families, partners and close friends. That’s why the Family Programme is an integral part of our Residential Care. We invite your family to our Residential Clinic to contribute to your treatment. During their visit we focus on improving the interpersonal relationships, answering all their questions about eating disorders, and guiding them in their role in the recovery process.

Overcoming the geographical distance, the Family Programme starts 10 days into your stay at Rise Treatment Centre. This programme consists of individual counselling, family sessions, and interactive psycho-education. We also develop a personalised relapse prevention plan. This relapse prevention plan integrates the support of your loved ones, so they can contribute towards your lasting recovery.

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