Eating disorder treatment: Aftercare

Aftercare is an important aspect of our programme in which we guide clients to practice their tools and kwowledge, and in which they apply the acquired knowledge in practice. We provide individual sessions by Skype and in collaboration with local partners of Rise Treatment Centre. In addition we organise group sessions in different locations.

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Topics covered during our aftercare:

  • Body image and eating

  • Family: How are they affected and how do they contribute?

  • The Drama Triangle: Relationships and boundaries

  • Triggers and troubleshooting: Anticipating and resolving difficulties differently

  • Mindfulness, CBTE Tools

What does a life in recovery look like?

Because aftercare is so important, we give you the opportunity to ask everything you want or need to know in advance. We believe in your sustainable long-term recovery and are here to support you in every step. Feel free to contact us for more information relating to our aftercare, residential clinical programme or anything concerning our treatment.