Residential Clinical Programme

At Rise Treatment Centre we offer an intensive Residential Clinical Programme for the duration of three months, where the focus is on physical, psychological and social recovery. Our approach is holistic and we have a multi-disciplinary team to work on all aspects necessary for sustainable recovery from eating disorders.

Rise Treatment Centre offers a holistic approach to treat eating disorders, working on the problematic eating behavior itself as well as the roots of the problem. Our main methods to establish sustainable recovery are CBT-E and schema therapy.

Where CBT-E focuses on the mechanisms and traits which maintain the eating disorder. It is the treatment of choice as it has consistently proven to be more effective than other cognitive behavioural treatments in the treatment of eating disorders. Alongside CBT-E, Schema Therapy is used to work with complex underlying personality traits. Schema Therapy is highly effective in the treatment for personality disorders. The program at Rise Treatment Centre consists of two stages. According to the degree of recovery, clients will move from one to another for which their goals, needs and regulations are matched based on their specific needs and progress.

Our primary focus is based on each individual’s needs. The Rise Treatment Centre programme is constructed with both group therapy and individual sessions provided to address specific client needs. Treatment consists of the following disciplines amongst others: Schema therapy, CBT-E, Psychomotor therapy, Family therapy, Trauma treatment (If necessary).

The goal of treatment is sustainable recovery which enables clients to differentiate their eating disorder from themselves, learn to make constructive behavioural choices and eventually rise above their eating disorder. During treatment our aim is for clients to gain insight into what drives their eating disorder, to understand the causes as well as how / why they maintain it.

We help clients to heal from the underlying challenges causing the eating disorder, to develop a more constructive way of being. They are encouraged to rebuild their lives by recognising and developing their strengths, characteristics and co-creating a life of new possibilities. We involve family and relatives from the start of the treatment to deepen their understanding of what their loved ones are experiencing and to improve interpersonal relationships within the family dynamic.

‘We offer a safe and warm environment where individuals can let down their guard and open themselves up to the tools and support they need.’

Rise Treatment Team

Working primarily as an ER medical doctor and for the last 15 years in Psychiatry, I have learned to appreciate and respect the dynamics and the strong link between somatic health and mental well being. Living a balanced happy life to its full potential, one has to accept one's past, appreciate the present with our given capabilities and fearlessly seize the opportunities and challenges that the future holds. I have had the pleasure to work in several continents all over the world and believe that every client is unique and deserves to be treated holistically with transparency, commitment and sincerity!

Rise Treatment Team



Psychiatrist @ Rise Treatment Centre