Residential Clinical Programme

Rise Treatment Centre offers a flexible Residential Clinical Programme for the duration of 6 to 12 weeks, with extension possible when necessary. We shift the focus from 'symptom management' to your overall health and wellbeing. Our psychosomatic care integrates physical, psychological and social recovery. Our multi-disciplinary and international team works on all aspects necessary for a sustainable recovery from your eating disorder.  

We use an evidence-based holistic approach to treat eating disorders, working on the problematic eating behavior itself as well as the roots of the problem. The extensive range of methods used in our unique holistic programme are: EMDR, CBT, CBT-E, ACT, PMT, Mindfulness, Psycho-education, yoga, gym workouts, assisted eating, System / Family Therapy, organic gardening as well as other wellbeing-boosting activities.

CBT-E focuses on the mechanisms and traits which maintain the eating disorder. It is the treatment of choice for eating disorders as it has consistently proven to be most effective in changing cognitive thoughts and behaviours. Alongside CBT-E, we apply different methods to address complex personality traits. The programme consists of two stages. Clients will move from one stage to another, when their goals and needs are matched based on their progress.

We focus on your needs through both group therapy and individual sessions. We offer an extra individualised programme with 5 individual sessions per week.

The goal of our treatment is sustainable recovery, which will enable you to differentiate the eating disorder from yourself. You will learn to make constructive behavioural choices to eventually Rise above your disorder. You will gain an insight into what drives your behaviour, and understand the underlying causes as well as how / why they maintain the problem.

As we help you heal from the issues lying at the core of your disorder, you develop a more constructive way of being. We encourage you to rebuild your life by recognising and developing your strengths and characteristics, as we co-create a life of new possibilities. We involve family and relatives from an early stage of the treatment to deepen their understanding of what you are experiencing and to improve interpersonal relationships within the family dynamic.

‘We offer a safe and warm environment where individuals can let their guard down and open themselves up to the tools and support they need’

Rise Treatment Team

Our team of highly specialised members from around the world is committed to supporting you every step of the way 

Claudia Weber

Claudia Weber DE


Sarah Boss

Sarah Boss AT

Psychiatrist - Psychotherapist

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Clinical Director