Care for the Family of Eating Disorders clients

An Eating Disorder damages everyone around you. That’s why the Family Programme is an integral part of our Residential Care. Improving understanding, relationships and providing family and loved ones with the tools they need to find their role in your recovery. It is often hard to know for family and friends how to help and support in these situations. This is why our family programme is essential.

Our family programme can start from an early stage of Residential Care of their loved one. During the course of treatment we invite the family for a visit from 3 to 5 days to complete this important aspect of treatment. Our Family Programme consists of online interaction in the beginning of treatment followed by on spot individual counselling, family sessions with their loved one and interactive psycho-education. 

Following the Family Programme, family and possibly other loved ones have the opportunity to explore new ways of communicating, exploring their feelings and needs. We need to look at setting healthy boundaries, rebuilding intimacy and resolving problems that originate from a lack of mutual communication.

Relapse, whilst common, is avoidable, this is why it is vital that clients and their families are able to discuss potential vulnerabilities together and construct a relapse prevention plan to refer to when the client is discharged.

Even though there can be a geographical distance, the Family Programme can start from the beginning of treatment through our online platform.

For any questions or information about our Family Programme during eating disorder treatment, feel free to contact us!

Rise Treatment Team

As the Family Programme is an integral part of our treatment our team is here to support the family from the start of treatment of their loved one

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