Family Support for eating disorders clients

When you suffer from an eating disorder, not only your own life, but also the life of your loved ones can change. It is often hard to know for family and friends how to help and support in these situations. This is why family support for eating disorder clients is so important.

Our family support programme consists of individual counselling with a specialist family counsellor, family sessions with an eating disorder expert and family counsellor, and interactive psycho-educational lectures.

Following this programme, family and loved ones have the opportunity to explore new ways of communicating and exploring their feelings and needs, understanding and setting healthy boundaries, developing and rebuilding intimacy and resolving problems that have originated from lack of mutual communication.

Relapse, whilst common, is avoidable, this is why it is vital that clients and their families are able to discuss potential vulnerabilities together and construct a relapse prevention plan to refer to when the client is discharged.

For any questions or information about our family support during eating disorder treatment, feel free to contact us!